Upcoming Events (to FE22, 2024)

2024 message from your president Upcoming Event!

note: NEW DATE ! 9 March 2024

One of the members if Pembroke suggested a monthly get together. Below is the details of the for next month. It may be a good thing in other areas where there is a number of members in driving distance. to keep in touch.

The breakfast meet and greet in Pembroke has been changed to 9 March 2024 from 24 Feb 2024 to accommodate the attendance of more members. 
Contact Fran or Ursula if any questions.
Additionally, do not forget your renewal of membership if expired.

at the Pembroke Big Stop Restaurant. It’s a beautiful restaurant to go eat breakfast.
We’ll meet at 9:30. Restaurant Location is: 1751 PAUL MARTIN DRIVE, PEMBROKE, Ontario K8A 6W5


Please advise Fran so they let the restaurant know the numbers.