President’s Message 2023

We trust you all had a good Christmas and started your New Year off well. No doubt with everything that has gone on, there is hope 2023 will be better. Thank you for being a member and we are striving to be relevant to you.

Currently we are working on three summer activities spaced apart so you could attend more than one if you wish. They are Ottawa, Pembroke / Petawawa and Port Colburne. We hope to have dates out the end of January. Any suggestions or willing to help, please contact Manly, Fran and Tim respectively. Some members have volunteered or indicated they will help already.

We are still encouraging members to help with the museum. Please contact them at the armories’ or myself and will pass the information on them.

Also, note the Fran Adams has stayed as treasurer /secretary until someone stepped up. Preferably someone from Pembroke for banking purposes. If willing do one part, tat is fine, the position could be split.

A reminder that about 14 memberships are due and we will always entertain new or returning members. Pay or contact via Membership email on WEB site or the Kit Shop. Manly Sitter is our Membership Chair. If also wish to help him, let us know. Ensure your you e-mail your contact information to Manly and myself.

Any thoughts? feel free to share by return e-mail