Regiment Event Meet and Greet…….September 22nd and 23rd, 2017

On Friday, 22 Sep, 42 Fd (L&R Scot) will host a Happy Hour/Meet & Greet aimed at commemorating the 25th anniversary (year) of 1 AD (L&R Scot) Regt. The event will formally kick-off at 1900 hrs, but the Offrs/NCOs combined mess will be open from 1700 hrs. Although aimed primarily at former 1 AD members of the unit, all current and former members of 42 Fd (L&R Scot) are welcome. If you plan to attend, please advise Denise Baker at

On Saturday, 23 Sep, we will be conducting a Family Day, aimed primarily at allowing currently serving members to expose their families to some of what we do. Our affiliated cadet corps will also be invited. Details are yet TBC (as full-time and key part-time staff are all currently tasked away for the summer), but we’ll do a basic firing demonstration of our weapons (at Juliet Tower) and have a BBQ at the Armouries thereafter. The intent, depending upon numbers, is to open this up to those attending the 1 AD Regt 25th anniversary commemoration, so if you’re interested in attending our Family Day, please advise Denise Baker.