42nd Field Regiment (Lanark & Renfrew Scottish), RCA

Brief History

wwiThe Regiment was formed on 5 October 1866, as the 42nd Brockville Battalion of Infantry with Companies in Almonte, Brockville, Perth, Fitzroy, Lansdowne and Smiths Falls.  In 1871, the Pembroke Infantry Company became the Battalion’s seventh Company

In 1870, the Battalion (with its attached Brockville and Ottawa Battery (Railway) of Garrison Artillery) was called out on active service during the Fenian Raids.  In the same year, a small detachment deployed with the Red River Expedition.

The Battalion was reorganized in 1897, as the 42nd Lanark and Renfrew Battalion of Infantry located in the counties of Lanark and Renfrew.  The Battalion was renamed the 42nd Lanark and Renfrew Regiment in 1900.

During World War I, the 130th Battalion, CEF (1915) and the 240th Battalion, CEF (1916) were formed, and proceeded to England and were absorbed into Reserve Units.  In addition, men were recruited and sent to the 1st Contingent (2nd Bn CEF), the 2nd Contingent (21st Bn CEF), 38th, 77th, 80th and Forestry Battalions of the CEF.

Following the War, the Regiment was re-organized in 1922, as The Lanark and Renfrew Regiment:

1st Battalion (130th Battalion CEF)

2nd Reserve Battalion (240th Battalion CEF)

WWII_AAIn 1927, the Regiment was designated as a highland infantry unit and named The Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment.  It was allied to the Imperial Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) in 1928.

During World War II (1942), the Regiment was divided into two Battalions.  The 1st Battalion was mobilized for active service and was employed on home defence on the East and West coasts, until disbanded in October of 1943.

In July 1944, 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment in Italy was reorganized and became the 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Infantry Battalion. On 11 November 1944, it was announced that the Battalion would be re-designated The Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment. The Regiment served in the Italian Campaign and landed in France on 5 Mar 1945. Shortly thereafter, it was converted back to Artillery and re-designated 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish).

l&rIn 1946, the Regiment was re-roled as a Light Anti-Aircraft Unit and became the 59th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish).
The Regiment returned to its Infantry roots in 1959, becoming The Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment.

The Regimental Birthday of 1992 saw the Regiment become Air Defence (Anti-Aircraft).  Its new name was 1st Air Defence Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish), RCA.  Regimental personnel were from both the Regular and Reserve Force. (“Total force Unit”)

In 2006, 1st Air Defence Regiment (The Lanark and Renfrew Scottish), RCA was converted to field artillery and became 42nd Field Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish), RCA. This change was officially authorized in 2010.  The Regiment was allied to the The Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2009.