Honorary Appointments

Honorary Colonels

Lt. Gen. Sir A.R. Cameron KCB, CMG.1925 – 1944
LCol W.K. McGregor, OBE, ED, CD 
Brig H.A. Gilles, OBE, ED, CD1959 – 1970
LCol A.A. Wallace, ED, CD1973 -1983
Maj A.P. Whelan, ED, CD1983 –
LCol C.R. Merredew, CD1987 – 1992
LCol B.F Noonan, CD1992 – 2007
Mr. B. Costello2008 – 2010
Not appointed2010 – 2017
LCol R.R. Bounsall, CD2017 – Present

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonels

Col. the Hon. G.V. White, CBE, VD1925 – 1945
LCol W.K. McGregor, OBE, ED, CD 
LCol A.A. Wallace, ED, CD1968 – 1973
Maj E.E. Reinke, MD, CD1974 – 1975
Maj A.P. Whelan, ED, CD1975 – 1983
LCol L.G. Smith, CD 
LCol B.F Noonan, CD1987 – 1992
LCol A.R. Lafrance, CD1992 – 1998
LCol R.B. Armstrong, CD1998 – 2001
LCol J.E.F. Bryce, CD2003 – 2009
LCol R. Hoyland, CD2009 – 2012
Not appointed2012 – 2016
 HLCol Dan Bedard2016 – 2020
LCol Monica Bobbitt2020 – present

Honorary Colonel (HCol)
HLCol: Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel


Data taken from a variety of sources and there may be errors with respect to name, rank, decorations or period served. If you spot an error, have images or information, please contact us.