Support a fellow Member!

an appeal to all members to support a comrade in his time of illness and need for support and fellowship, by emailing, calling, or mailing a message of support! the appellate, Kenneth Burke appeals on behalf of his Dad in the paragraph below.

“My name is Kenneth Burke (WO Burke K.D, RCAS) and I was wondering if there is anything we could do for my father (step father) who is in the hospital currently in Pembroke ON. His name is Dennis Franken (CWO Retired). He has been in the hospital for approx a week now with acute pancreatitis and is slowly recovering. He is able to see emails and text messages for those that know him and have his contact information to send get wells to. I know the artillery has always been his pride and that passion is what got me where I am today. He has always been a tough man never showing his emotions and to see him like this really is sad. If there is anything that can be done to help cheer him up that like an email sent from the gunners across the country or something please that would really make his day. I can be contacted here or by phone at 1 (506) 292-3102 for any further information if required. Or my mothers contact information is Judy Franken 1 (613) 639-0780 as she is with him and I live in New Brunswick. Thank you very much for your time Ma’am sincerely”
      Kenneth Burke.